Please note that we supply all software as is, of course if you like these tools please feel free to donate us some cash to help us work on them.

TBD Black Magic ATEM Raspberry Pi Tally v8

So over the years we have written some tools to make our life easier, This is an image for a RaspberryPi to build a Tally using the Pi's I/O ports For LEDS. This will work with both Preview and Program, however it will only show one program light on at at time ATM, I will fix this eventually. This is disk image for the Raspberry Pi

Version 8 is now out
Supports all Pi's to date

Version 3 has been a complete rewrite, changes:
Supports TVS
Supports Pi2 Pi3
Able to have multiple program and previews on at once
Upgraded OS
More reliable

GPIO Pinout is

Program 3,5,7,8,10,11,12,13

Preview 15,16,18,19,21,22,23,24

Default/Recovery IP is (even when you set an IP this will still work)

To configure ssh to on the same /24 and login as the user tally-config


For support please ask on the forums here.

Telstra 4g ZTE MF 823 USB dongles with OpenWrt and Gargoyle

We were asked to research the use of Telstra ZTE MF 823 USB Dongles with OpenWrt and Gargoyle routers, the dongles are smart and have a habit of switchiing modes based on what it wants not what you want. After a lot of playing we have worked out how to make it work.

For Full instuctions see here.