Want to video stream your conference or event live?
We have the skills - and the technology.

With experience ranging from live music events and festivals to business presentations, conferences and other formal events, TBD Productions has you covered. We bring professional video equipment to the party, including HD cameras, a professional switching desk and live-editing capabilities, as well as the people to use them.

Our tried-and-tested broadcast unit works with any broadband internet, but we can also provide our own connection if your venue doesn't have one accessible.

When it comes to cameras, we have a range to suit all needs and budgets. We use and love the Panasonic HPX 250, and complement its great HD, low-light performance with smaller POV cameras to provide on-stage viewpoints and crowd shots. It's a combination perfectly suited to everything from live festivals to intimate presentations and one-on-one interviews.

TBD Productions specialises in live streaming events, but our support does not end there! We can create content not for immediate broadcast (such as music videos, business presentations or video journalism). Regardless of the original output, we are more than happy to provide DVD or USB stick copies of your professionally edited and produced video, for you to watch again later.

Equipment List

Past Events

North Adelaide Football Club Best & Fairest 2020 - Streaming

Covid has put a stop to many things but not letting the fans and family know how the NAFC is going. We let the world see.

PAX Australia 2014-2019 - PAX Streaming

PAX Australia based in Melbourne used TBD Productions ito take the in house video and sending it out to the world was a key part of our job. Switching between multiple areas and media, TBD Productions used their knowledge of streaming live events and scripting ability to create a simple to use playback solution.

WOMADelaide 2013-2015 - Internode Freezone Live Stream

Based in Adelaide, TBD Productions supplied cameras, switching and streaming equipment for Internode to live stream bands on the Internode Stage. This was a multi camera, multibitrate high quality stream. We then delivered each band in HD for Internode to use on Freezone. The finished product can be seen on their website here, freezone.internode.on.net.

AVCon 2014-2017 - Gaming Stage Production

With a sponsorship deal with Player Attack we supplied equipment and staff for AVCon's Gaming stage. Using our expertise to simplify and improve the desired outcome, we were able to assure that all gaming consoles and PCs that need to work to stream and display internally with the inhouse system. This is something that sounds easy, but never is. TBD Productions also supplied switching equipment and hardware required to stream in HD.