Media Solutions

There is an easier way of distributing music, video and media to your franchises - all they need is an internet connection and some help from TBD Productions.

While in-store video advertising can be very effective, it's often frustrating to send out regular DVDs or USB drives full of music and video to all of your franchises or clients.

On one hand, TBD Productions can easily create those DVDs, updated each month with new videos, music, and advertising spots - but we've also created a much easier, streamlined method that will actually save you money.

Wagbox is a discreet, standalone black box, with no keyboard or mouse. Simply provide internet access, a tv and some speakers, and it will work!

How is Wagbox better than a standard, in-store DVD? Simple: Instant updates!

The device works like an online tv or radio station - all media files and playlists are privately hosted on a central server. This media can include muted video, video with audio, or separate audio tracks - and may feature pre-recorded advertising, jingles, other product-related media and announcements or published music.

Rather than waiting four weeks for new content, or having to reprint a whole batch of discs due to an error, Wagbox can be updated on the fly, with new videos shown within 20 minutes of upload.

The central, "Head office" playlist can keep track of all national promotions, features and general content. Separate playlists may be set up for states, regions or even individual stores, so those sales and specials can be tailored specifically for each audience. These playlists may be edited, uploaded or modified by head office or by Wagbox staff.

For further information, please contact TBD Productions.