We know you're great at your job! We'd like to help you be even better, by taking care of the bits you don't enjoy so much - like writing press releases, business report or newsletter articles. We can even provide you with killer text for that new website!

With a background in journalism, editing, marketing and communications, TBD Productions can put words in your mouth - or on your page, at least.

We'll happily tackle anything you want written, whether it's something formal or super-casual, written for a tech-savvy audience or readers who can't use a computer.

If you'd like a helping hand or a bit of polish on your existing reports and documents, we can help out there, too. Our trained editors know which words to put where, adding extra sparkle to lacklustre text.

It's never been more important to have a solid marketing message - whether that's online, in your flyers, brochures or sales letters - and we'd love to help your business stand out. Let us turn your visitors into customers!

The TBD team has had work published in Australian and international outlets as varied as Time, USA Today, Mashable, Yahoo, NBC News, The Saturday Evening Post, WoW Insider, Joystiq, Gametraders LIVE and VG247 - among others, and write day-to-day for video game news website PlayerAttack.com.