Approaching every job - no matter how small - with professionalism and enthusiasm, TBD Productions is the perfect match for your upcoming project.

Too many people have the idea that live-streaming content to the internet is a mammoth undertaking, something that is out of reach of smaller events. TBD Productions is here to show you that it's not.

TBD Productions is a small company with big talent. Whether you want to livestream your event, add a rockin' soundtrack to your store or venue, or simply tell the world how great you are, TBD Productions can help.

We tailor our coverage to your needs, from a single-operator set up (still fully capable of online streaming) to a fully-blown multi-camera rig complete with live switching and audio mixing.

Your event can be recorded in full HD quality, with copies provided on DVD, hard drive or USB sticks in whatever format you choose. We have in-house printing and duplication services to provide a professional end result.