LED Balls - 10m length (33 lights per length)

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1.Constant current driver is designed on the ws2801 led ball, which can contribute lots to protect lamp's life.

2.50mm diameteer balls with white opaque diffuser giving 360 degree viewing, pitch customized.

3.WS2801 address manually

4.Full speed video and graphics, 3D effect

5.Environment friendly, no harsh glare and buzzing noise, no flicker.

6.Integrates with Phantom and Chimer.

7.SPI signal is in parallel connection, avoiding all lights influenced by the failure of one light in serial connection

8.High-brightness LED chips, clear and pleasant light beam, bright and non-glare

9.With Artnet controller, it can achieve color fading, skipping, scanning, chasing, and play flash and video, etc.

10. shiji pixel- ws2801 led ball light;3D led pixel curtain;led pixel ball for christmas