Glensound Belt Pack - VITA Commentary Unit With Talkback & Dante Interface

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The VITA is a Dante network version of our very popular GS-CU004 commentary beltpack unit which was originally designed for pitch side reporting, for example during a interlude at a sports event the reporter or commentator with the VITA could easily be located at the edge of the playing field and grab that quick 30 second comment from a player as they leave the field.

Over the years our customers have found many other applications for the GS-CU004 all of which all are equally relevant for the VITA. They are ideal as a high performance low cost very simple commentary unit either as an add on to a larger system or as a stand alone unit for a very simple commentary position. We have many customers using them for talkback communications purposes where their very high quality mic amps provide crystal clear communications often far superior to standard intercoms. Another customer uses them in a studio permanently attached under a desk for monitoring audio and providing talkback to a studio for a producer. Other customers utilise them as a very versatile low cost all round box, with some days it just being used as 2 input headphone amplifier and other just as a high quality mic amp for effects mics around a stadium.

The addition of the Dante network interface on the VITA opens up even more potential applications, with the versatility of ease of integration between different manufacturers' Dante devices the VITA can easily become a beltpack talkback unit in a large intercom system or high quality single input 'stage box' for a single microphone connected to a large mixing desk or a small producers monitoring & talkback unit connected to our Expres ip or Inferno commentary units.